Wedding Tips | Budgeting

Wedding Tips / BudgetingMarch 1, 2014

On top of all the little ways to save, there are a few big places you can’t afford to miss as you plan your big day. Here are top savvy saving suggestions courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings that’ll leave some money in your nest egg.

THE VENUE Choose a spot that can accommodate both your ceremony and reception to save money on rental fees, décor, and guest transportation. And though bare lofts are lovely, they take a lot of rentals to become wedding-ready. Sites that host weddings usually have chairs, tables, bars, and even linens and food built into the price.

YOUR DATE Every location has an off-season, and when you get married during it, you can negotiate deals. The day of the week matters, too—Thursday, Friday, and Sunday weddings cost less than those on Saturdays.