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is available for: 

  • Holiday Parties

  • Anniversary Parties

  • Graduation Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Private Parties

  • Karaoke Services

  • Corporate Events

If you are throwing a party, you are hoping that...


  • Your guests have a GREAT time

  • The guest of honor is blown away

  • People stay until the party is over

  • Everyone raves about the party for years to come

A gifted, experienced and highly trained professional DJ from Spectrum Entertainment can make it happen. Here's how...

Music Selection


Our music library consists of over 327,000 song titles; so chances are that if a song has been written, we have it!



Our DJs are experts at playing "just the right song at just the right time". Plus, they know what's appropriate and what's not. You probably don't want a night of Rap music at a 50th Anniversary party; and you certainly don't want the Top 20 Big Band Standards at a High School Graduation party! With our experienced and highly trained professionals, you will be sure to find the perfect DJ for your party!

Fun – Fun – Fun


The DJ sets the tone for the party, so if he looks bored, chances are so will your guests. Spectrum Entertainments DJs know how to mix the right amount of personality and style to get your guests involved and having fun. (NOTE: We do this without being cheesy or obnoxious!)



When you hire Idaho's #1 DJ Company, you know that you've hired people that care about the success of your party. Our full-time party planners are available to assist you with the details of your party, to ensure a perfect affair.

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