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We Bring the Club to Your School / Venue

One thing that makes Spectrum Entertainmnt stand out from other School Dance DJs is the fact that we can combine the best from all formats that teens enjoy today from the most current breakout hit to those party and dance classics.  The perfect balance between popular hits as they are heard on the radio and hot club remixes & mash ups blended & mixed live by expert DJs on thumping monster sound systems and state of the art lighting rigs making it more than just a dance, but a true audio & visual experience!


It All Starts With An Amazing DJ!

We believe in quality over quantity.  That is why we only have a very elite group of top level Disc Jockeys who have over a decade of school dance & nightclub experience.  The perfect combination for a great dance!  Our DJs are embedded in the music scene and are on the cutting edge of the latest sounds in all styles & formats.  Everything from the latest Top 40, to dubstep, Electro, Alternative, Rock, Mash Ups, Remixes And More!  Everything expertly mixed and appropriately screened for explicit or suggestive content.


Teens today are more educated and savvy when it comes to music thanks to the digital download age & internet radio stations.  Its not just the same top 20 hits anymore.  Students who are attending school dances can appreciate a much wider blend of music genres & styles.

What Do You Get When You Book Spectrum Entertainment Events

For Your School or Teen Dance?

Music you will feel


Music today is recorded with very heavy bass and requires a sound system that can deliver those deep lows and super crisp highs.  We use only the very best sound systems  Sound you will truly FEEL!


Let there be light!

What helps to build energy and excitement in the music is the proper use of dance lighting.  This is an area most other DJ companies cut corners.  They purchase the most in-expensive lighting possible and the end result is an “average” experience.  Again, this is where Spectrum Entertainment stands out.  We have invested in some of the most insane light effects available today!  Combine that with our ultra bright LED powered intelligent club lighting & super hyped club effect & ambient effect lighting and you’ve got the ultimate club experience at your school!

There is no Better School Dance DJ Choice!!


Large Scale Digital Sound


Computerized Light Shows






Moving Heads


Top 40 Radio-Edited
          Friendly Mixes


DJ Appearance Products


Music Videos




Crowd Control


Full Liability Insurance



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